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Out of town a lot?

give you peace of mind when your rental properties are in need
of service and you are out of town or just too busy.

We will take care of absolutely everything leaving you worry free so you can focus on other aspects of your life.

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What They Are Saying About Us ...

Hi Ryan,

I wanted to thank you and your team for their hard and swift work in getting the fire code requirements finished and up to date.
It's invaluable to have such a good team on my side taking care of my investment.
Thank you everyone,

Hi Ryan,

One very cold Saturday morning, we woke up to find that the house was freezing. I attempted to turn up the thermostat which read that it was 59 degrees fahrenheit instead of its usual 70+ degrees fahrenheit. I proceeded to turn up the thermostat to 80+ degrees and then spent most of the day out of the house. Upon arriving home Saturday night, the temperature had not changed. Sunday morning arrived with the thermostat still standing at 59 degrees. So around 11a.m., a voice message was left on Ryan's phone pertaining to this issue. Within two hours a technician arrived to fix the furnace. He said that the furnace had overheated because the filter had not been changed, which he then proceded to do. In just a few hours the temperature had risen from 59 to 69 degrees fahrenheit. Around this time we heard a series of odd noises coming from the furnace followed by silence. The house began to get cold again as the temperature began to drop. At this time I called Mr. Bondy again and left a message detailing this. The technician returned shortly after dinner and determined that the fan in the furnace was actually broken. He did not have the tools to repair the problem and he stated that he'd return the following day to mend this issue.Monday morning at approximately 10:30a.m, the technician returned and fixed the fan and the issue was resolved. We as tenants, are very grateful that the issue was dealt with promptly.
- P.H.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for getting out to the property on short notice. Also You received a complement from the tenant for taking care of there needs quickly.
Thank you again. It is so nice to work with a company that cares like you all do.

Dear Ryan,

You have truly been a god send. I don't know what I would have done without you. there is no one else I can trust not only to manage my properties while I'm gone, to fill vacancies and handle repairs but to do my banking as well. It is not every day that I meet someone with the integrity, someone who is their word.
I just want you to know that I appreciate you. I can leave and relax and know that everything is handled. I have also heard from my tenants that they like you. They feel confident that their needs are taken care of.
Thanks again for everything. Now my income property gives me the freedom that I hoped it would.
Yours truly,
Alice Hasselrade

Thanks Ryan,

The start of property #1 was definitely challenging but it's also prepared me for this next property. Having a great team in Evernew is absolutely critical to succeed and I thank all of you for the excellent work. I am very happy with the outcome at 'property #1' and appreciate how you guys handled the different situations that has come up with the property. I fully trust that you will also do the same with 'property #2' as you have already showed your worth as a company. I can honestly say that my decision to hire Evernew has been my best investment decision to date. Thanks to all Kevin
Thanks to All,

Hi Ryan & Megan,

We shall forever be grateful to your team and EverNEW Professional Services for taking such good care of the property and tenants, for putting up with the idiosyncrasies of our tenants and for effectively managing them. We are sure that if we ever purchase another property in Windsor or locality, EverNEW will be the only property management company on our list. We hope the feeling is mutual. Wish you all Godspeed and warm wishes for the upcoming holiday season and continued growth of EPS. Wish you all the best of luck. Regards,
Purvi & Herschal Trivedi

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